Could Satan Write You This Letter?

Used by permission of EvanTell, Inc. This eye-opener was written by R. Larry Moyer. I encourage you to order copies of it for your Christian friends from EvanTell, Inc., 1-800-947-7359.

Dear Christian,

I am writing because I owe you a tremendous debt. Although I realize you are in Christ*s eternal fold and no longer mine, you have helped me and I felt it was time that I thanked you.

First, I commend you for your loss of focus. The year you were saved your enthusiasm bothered me. I was concerned that you were going to impact your relatives and community. I was making plans to trip you up in some sin so your testimony would be marred. As it turned out, that wasn*t necessary. You*ve become so involved with other Christians that you*ve had no time for unbelievers. Keep up the good work. The less contact you have with non-Christians the better.

I also need to thank you for the way you present the gospel. Thank goodness you*ve not done it much and on those rare occasions when you have, you made it confusing. You tell people, you need Christ, but you don*t explain the gospel clearly enough for them to understand why. Don*t change. I don*t want non-Christians to know that His death paid for their sins and that they need to trust Him alone to save them. I want them to think that they can obtain heaven by good works. Then they can sit in church every Sunday as one of my children . . . not one of His. That*s what I call the ultimate deception.

Another thing that I admire is your inconsistency. When life goes smoothly, you live and act like a Christian. But when it doesn*t, you*re a great asset for me. The other morning your car*s front tire was flat and your spare needed air. Your neighbor came out of his house at the same time you discovered your problem. He heard you use a few expletives I brought to your mind. My plan worked. He said to his wife that night, Sometimes I think we live a better life without going to church than most of those who do. I do somersaults every time that happens!

Well, I need to run. I just wanted you to know you*re assisting me. I can*t do anything about your eternal home, because that was settled the day you trusted Christ. But at least you have been a big help to me in the meantime.

The prince of deceivers,


P.S. Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Thanks for neglecting your communication with the Lord. I*ve noticed that Bible study and prayer give vitality to Christians. You*ve let so many other things take their place, and that keeps you stagnant. Don*t change. I like you the way you are.

If you think that Satan could write you this letter, what should you do? The answer is simple. Change the things that please him. Remember, you already have the victory. Scripture says, *He that is in you is greater than He who is in the world.* (1 John 4:4)

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