God*s Advisors?

Many times we pray as if we were God*s advisers rather than His followers. Evangelist Wil Rice gave some wonderful wisdom for us to heed when we pray:

There is a big difference between asking God for advice and asking God for help. Folks nowadays ask *Dear Abby* for advice and *Dear Lord* for help. *This is what I*m going to do; God, please bless it* is their attitude. I*m not against asking for help, but wouldn*t it make better sense to ask for advice before asking for help? It should not be so much a matter of God being on your side as it is you being on God*s side!

First, don*t bother asking if you don*t want an answer! Second, don*t bother asking if you will not accept the answer! There is a huge difference between curiosity and willingness when it comes to asking! If you are not willing to hear *no* and say *yes,* you are not ready to ask. Third, don*t bother asking if you will not act on the answer! Don*t come to God if you don*t want an answer, will not accept the answer, and will not act on the answer He gives. Do you find yourself asking God when you don*t want an answer or you*re not willing to accept or act on the answer? Don*t bother asking if you don*t want to hear or heed the answer!

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