The SINCERE Milk Of The Word

1 Peter 2:2: As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

Some Biblical definitions of the word *sincere*: Unadulterated, without guile, pure, without corruption, and clear.

In the 27 plus years since I became a Christian the Lord has provided me with seven different pastors in three different churches. He has also provided me with countless teachers and mentors. He always provided teachers and mentors to fill in the gaps where the pastors have failed. I have come to realize that the Lord gave me the teachers and mentors when I needed them the most. I grew the most and was the most satisfied when I was under the ministries of two of the seven pastors. I have realized that when I was under the ministries of the other five pastors I was most satisfied and grew the most because of the teachers and mentors.

I have learned the main reason for this phenomenon. All seven of the pastors were expert in the Bible. But five of them did not live the Bible as fully as the other two. It did not impact their lives as much. The helpful teachers and mentors lives were impacted more by the Bible than those five pastors. There were things they neglected to preach and things that they could not preach about from personal experience. The five were not as committed to the Lord and to the Bible as the two. The two went deeper into the Bible and the Bible went deeper into them.

The Word of God is always sincere but in varying degrees the milk of the Word had less of an impact on the lives of those five pastors and less of an impact on my life and the lives of their other hearers. It was less sincere in their lifestyles AND in their preaching. I would suggest that Christians need to know their pastors well. And they need to know the Bible well. If the Word of God has not greatly impacted the life of a pastor it will not as greatly impact the lives of his hearers. Sadly, the pattern has been downhill in two of the three churches I belonged to. I have heard of churches where a new pastor was more spiritual than one who left but I have not yet experienced that. I enjoyed the two best pastors for about six years. I hesitate to call the other years lean because of the Lord*s provision of the teachers and mentors. If the Lord has you in a lean church experience He still promises to provide what you need if you want it.

Philippians 4:19: But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

This article entitled Actions Speak Louder was written by Evangelist Wil Rice on I Samuel 14:2: And Saul tarried in the uttermost part of Gibeah under a pomegranate tree which is in Migron: and the people that were with him were about six hundred men;

Who was the first king of Israel? If you answered, *Saul,* you are correct. Who was the leader of Israel? Well, that*s an interesting question! Would your answer be the same person? Obviously, a king is to lead by giving direction and protection. In I Samuel chapter 14, Saul failed as a king because he failed to lead.

When Israel went out to battle the Philistines, Saul *tarried...under a pomegranate tree.* Jonathan, his son, was the one who took action and pursued the enemy. Sometimes waiting is good. Often we rush ahead when we should be asking God for direction. However, waiting is bad when you should take action. Saul was sitting while Jonathan took action.

When you lead, you lead primarily with your actions not your words. Saul waited and talked while Jonathan acted and trusted God. Leading has more to do with your actions than it does with your title. Saul was called *king* while Jonathan was simply a son, but Jonathan was the one providing leadership! Jonathan was not trying to rule; he was simply trying to serve and do what God wanted him to do. His example stands in stark contrast to his father who was king but was not a leader. If you are going to lead today, you are going to lead with your actions. May God help us to know what He wants and to take actions that help and influence others.

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