Things That Will Not Be In Heaven

No Satan, nothing that defiles, no more death, no temptation, no unbelief, no unhappiness, no sin by you, no sin against you, no pride, no guilt, no loneliness, no insults, no gossip, no lies, no enemies, no misunderstandings, no obscenity, no tattoos, no neglect, no hatred, no injustice, no persecution, no crime, no tragedies, no failure, no tears, no sorrow, no pain, no headaches, no illness, no tooth decay, no injuries, no surgeries, no law suits, no hospitals, no medicine, no handicaps, no dishonest leaders, no human courts, no human government, no police force, no violence, no threats, no fire department, no shortages, no banks, no poverty, no insurance, no storms, no fear, nothing to fear, no danger, no salesmen, no telephone salesmen, no cell phones, no answering machines, no alarm clocks, no time clocks, no supervisors, no unions, no ugliness, no regrets, no floods, no forest fires, no snow shovels, no taxes, no droughts, no boredom, no ignorance, no tiredness, no weakness, no failure, no embarrassment, no stupidity, no anger, no losses, no thoughtlessness, no bad manners, no aggravation, no pettiness, no insults, no phoniness, no forgetfulness and no foolishness like this article.

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