Three Steps To The Lost World

Written by D. L. Moody in his book God*s Good News:

Let me give you their names.

The first is . . . neglect. All a man has to do is to neglect salvation, and that will take him to the lost world. Some people say, *What have I done?* Why, if you merely neglect salvation, you will be lost.

I am on a swift river, and lying in the bottom of my little boat. Down yonder, ten miles below, is the great cataract. Every one that goes over it perishes. I need not row the boat down. I have only to pull in the oars, and fold my arms, and neglect. So all that a man has to do is to fold his arms in the current of life, and he will drift onward and be lost.

The second step is . . . refusal. If I met you and pressed this question on you, you would say, *Not now, Mr. Moody, not now.* If I repeated, *I want you to press into the kingdom of God,* you would politely refuse: *I will not become a Christian now, thank you. I know I ought, but I will not now.*

Then the last step is to despise salvation. Some have already got on the lowest rung of the ladder. You despise Christ, you hate Christ, you hate Christianity, you hate the best people on earth and the best friends you have got; and if I were to offer you the Bible, you would tear it up and put your foot upon it. Oh, despisers! You will soon be in another world. Make haste and repent and turn to God.

Now, on which step are you, my friend; neglecting, or refusing, or despising? Bear in mind that a great many are taken off from the first step; they die in neglect. And a great many are taken away refusing. And a great many are on the last step, despising salvation. A few years ago they neglected, then they began to refuse, and now they despise Christianity and Christ. They hate the sound of the church bell; they hate the Bible and the Christian; they curse the very ground we walk on. But one more step and they are gone. Oh, ye despisers, I set before you life and death; which will you choose? When Pilate had Christ on his hands, he said, *What shall I do with Him?* Young men, is that your language now? Do you say, *Away with this gospel! Away with Christianity! Away with your prayers, your sermons, your Gospel sounds! I do not want Christ?* Or will you be wise and say, *Lord Jesus, I want Thee, I need Thee, I will have Thee?*

Oh, may God bring you to this decision!

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