Articles dealing with Christ in You:

A Blessing To Others
A Christian Life Is A Gift Of God
A Clean Heart
A Do Nothing Jesus
A Heart Problem
A King And A Kingdom
A Matter Of Life And Death
Agape Love
All Power
Alone With God
Always Thou Lovedst Me
An Inability To Love
And Jesus Went With Him
As We Forgive
Attacks On Jesus
Born Of The Will Of God 1
Carrying Hell Within
Characteristics Of Christians
Check Yourself For Idols
Cheerleaders For The Lost
Christ In You
Christ In You
Christ In You 2
Christ In You 3
Christ In You And You In Christ
Christ the Heart of The Bible
Christmas Gifts
Complete In Christ
Concern For The Souls Of Men
Continually With God
Dead Sea Christians
Do We Love Jesus Or Our Sin
Do Your Part
Does Jesus Shine Through You?
Does The World Hate You
Essential Power
Eternal Life Is Happening Now
Eternal Life IS In Believers
Faith Is Rational
Fitly Framed Together
Forgetting About Jesus
Full Time Christians
God Living And Working In Us
God With Us
God Works In Us 2
God*s Impact On A Saved Man
Good For Nothing 2
Good Pleasure For Us
Gun Control
Have You Been Through The Eternal Wash?
He Never Changes
Head Faith . . . Heart Faith
Heart Issues 1
Heart Issues 3
Here And Now AND In Heaven
How To Be Satisfied
How To Get To Heaven
I Have Everything I Need
Idols In Our Hearts
If Any Man Be In Christ
Inferior Love
Inner Christianity
Into All The World
Is Your Life The Light Of Men
Joined To The Lord
Just Jesus
Know Thyself
Knowing The Lord
Leaving God In The Parking Lot
Lies Are Like Jail Cells
Like Him In This World
Love And Constraints
Love From Above
Love Like God Loves Jesus
Love*s Effect
Lutheranism 1
More Alive
More Alive 3
Most Of Our Anger Is Sin
My God And Your God
Necessary Change
Never Alone
New Creatures
Newness Of Life
Nobody Loves Me
Only One Way To Love
Others Serving Us
Our Purpose Is God*s Glory
Our Renewable Carnal Minds
Partakers Of The Divine Nature
Plugged In And Turned On
Pure Hearts And Clean Hands
Real Salvation 1
Receiving Jesus Is Receiving New Life
Rejecting Correcting
Remembering God 2
Saved To The Uttermost
Serve God Right Now
Skin-Deep Or Heart-Deep
Spiritual Blindness 2
The Anchor Of The Soul
The Best Cure For Depression
The Bigger Your Problems Seem
The Cure For Hatred
The Fulness Of The Godhead
The Gift Of Righteousness
The Heart Comes First
The Life Changing Life
The Life Which I Now Live
The Lord Wants You WITH HIM
The Only People Who Can Love You
The People Changing God
The Preeminence 2
The Truth Changes Lives
The Truth Is Indispensable
The Very Presence Of God
The Woman At The Well
The Work Of The Holy Spirit
Treasure In Earthen Vessels
Wasted Power AND Comfort
We Have Wicked Hearts
We NEED Jesus
What Comes Naturally
What To Do With Our Bodies
When Are We Filled With The Spirit
When I Fail To Love
When Jesus Goes Out Of Sight
Where God Takes Over
Who Makes Pure Hearts
Without Jesus
Without Jesus Resurrection
Wonderful Jesus
Wonderful Necessary Truth
Works Or Good Works
You Are Gods Treasure If You Are His
Your Closest Relative