Articles dealing with Commitment:

A Biblical Prayer List
A Cake Not Turned
A Chore Or A Delight?
A Christian TV Guide
A Clean Heart
A Committed Life
A Lesson From Jonadab
A Lifelong Battle
A One Track Mind
A Penny Or . . .
A Renewed Mind
A Saved Life
A Self Imposed Famine
A Terrible Trade
A Useful Life
A Wonderful Plan For Your Life
Above The Bible
All Or Nothing
All The Day Long 2
Almighty God Pleads
Alone With God
Alone With Oneself
Always Thou Lovedst Me
Amend Your Doings This Day
An Unhappy Habit
Apples Of Gold 2
Are We Joined To The Lord
Are You A Servant
Are You Under Authority
Are You Worth Following
Ask For The Holy Spirit 2
Assurance Of Salvation 1
Bare Minimum Christians
Bare Minimum Christians 2
Basics For New Believers
Be A Christian BEFORE MEN
Be A Show And Tell Christian
Be Careful
Be Correctable For Life
Be Correctable For Life
Be Different
Be Not Silent To Me
Be Not Slothful
Be Prepared
Be Separate And Different
Be Sober
Be Still And Know
Be Sure Your Prayers Are Heard
Being A Christian Should Be A Habit
Believers Are To Be Servants
Benefits Of Church Attendance 1
Benefits Of Church Attendance 4
Benefits Of Church Attendance 7
Benefits Of Fasting
Bible Doctrine 12 Separation
Biblical Freedom
Blessed Obedience
Born Of The Will Of God 1
Buy The Truth TODAY
By The Will Of God
By The Will Of God 2
Captains Of Their Own Ships
Causing Others To Sin
Choose Life
Choose You This Day
Choose You This Moment
Christian Responsibilities
Christians Are Servants
Cleave Unto The Lord
Commitment Quotes
Commitment To The Lord
Concern For The Souls Of Men
Could Satan Write You This Letter?
Covering Our Carnality
Dead Spots
Dependable Love
Discouragement Is Discouraged
Divine Dissatisfaction
Do You Have A Bible
Doing The Will Of God
Doing What You Want To Do
Drugs And Alcohol
Energized By And For The Lord
Engaged Hearts
Eternal Life Is Happening Now
Every Day Belongs To God
Every Day Is Important
Every Decision
Every Hour Has Its Duty
Every Moment Is Important
Every Thought
Every Thought Word And Work
Every Tomorrow Is A ?
Examine Your Love
Examine Yourselves 3
Expect Trouble
Faith Equals Commitment
Faith Equals Obedience
Faith Finds A Way
Faith Is Surrender
Faith Produces Commitment
Fence Sitting
Fervent And Zealous
Fighting To Avoid Serving The Lord
Finish The Course
FIRST Check With The Lord
First Place
Fitly Framed Together 2
Follow The Leader
Foolish To Oppose God
Forgetting About Jesus
Forgetting God
Four Daily Questions
Fourteen Thousand Ways To Serve
Free Salvation
Fruitfulness Is GUARANTEED
Full Time Christians
Full-Time Children Of God
Garbage In Garbage Out
Genuine Christianity Permeates Life
Get A Life
Get Carried Away
Give No Place To The Devil
Give The Lord The Best Time Of Your Day
Give Your Best Day To God
Giving Yourself To The Lord
Go And Sin No More
God Always Gives More
God Can Use YOU
God Deserves Our Love
God Does A Better Job
God Does Not Need Us
God Has Jobs For YOU
God Is Worth Everything!
God Knows The Future
God The Revealer
God Wants To Work IN YOU
God Wants You 2
Gods Personal Attention
Going Our Own Way
Good For Nothing
Guaranteed Success
Half Heartedness
Hated Of All Nations
Have You Come To The Light
Having Our Own Way
He Is Lord Of All
Heart Issues 2
Heart Issues 3
Heirs Of God
Help Lord
Help To Live The Christian Life
His Workmanship
His Workmanship 2
How Do We Love Our Neighbors
How Do We Spend Our Time
How Happy Do You Want To Be?
How Important Is God To You
How Long Can One Trifle With God
How Much Of You Does God Own
How Not To Know Gods Will
How To Be Free
How To Bless The Lord
How To Know Gods Will
How To Succeed
How To Walk In The Spirit
I Can Do All Things
I Will Be Their God
If He Has You . . .
If You Are Not Willing
If You Don*t Know The Will Of God
If You Got It Flaunt It
If You Love God Prove It
If You Love Others Prove It
Ignorance Is Sometimes Best
In All Thy Ways
Inside And Outside
Is The Lord In Your Hobbies
Jesus Changes Lives 3
Jesus Has Rights
Jesus Prays For You
Keeping My Desk Clean
Knowing God*s Will 1
Knowing God*s Will 1
Knowing Gods Will 3
Labor Not To Be Rich
Labourers Together With God
Laziness Kills
Leaving God In The Parking Lot
Leaving God Out
Led Or Lost
Levels Of Blessing
Life Goes On
Lines In The Sand
Live Like Christians Every Day
Living For Self
Lose Your Life
Love Always Fits
Love And Constraints
Love And Hate Have Different Plans
Love Fits
Love Is A Choice
Love Is Not Lazy
Love Spends Time
Lovers Of Jesus Hate Sin
Made For God
Make An Impact
Make God A Habit
Make Time For God
Make Time For The Bible
Many Counsellors
Many There Be
Marriage And The Holy Spirit
Meditate On The Bible
Might As Well Surrender
Miraculous Correction
Morbus Sabbiticus
More Alive
More Alive 2
Most TV Keeps Us Away From God
My Goings
My Most Memorable Day
My Selfish Will
My Uncle Henry*s Last Letter
My Yoke Is Easy
Never Too Much Of The Bible
No Commitment ... No Faith
Not Good To Be Alone
Not Knowing What God Is Doing
Not Of The Will Of Man 2
Not So Lord
Not Too Late
Obedience Is The Key To Everything
Off With The Old
On The Fence
One Another
One Step At A Time
Our Biggest Problems
Our Master
Our Own Way
Our Renewable Carnal Minds
Our Will Or Gods Will
Outward Christianity
Owned By God
Part Time Christians
Patience Or Procrastination
People Need Your Love
Perfect Hearts And Willing Minds
Pleasing God
Pray For Guidance Often
Pray For My Failures
Pray Without Ceasing By Spurgeon
PREPARE To Serve The Lord
Prove Your Own Selves 2
Pure Religion
Purified And Transformed
Quitting On The Lord
Reasonable Or Unreasonable
Receive Yield Commit
Receiving A New Master
Receiving His Will
Redeeming The Time
Reigning In Life 2
Rejoice Evermore
Repentance Is A Way Of Life
Right Thoughts Are Profitable
Salvation Has Me
Saved To Serve
Saved To The Uttermost
Saving Faith Is Living Faith
Seek Ye First The King
Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God
Self Centeredness
Self Control
Self-Denial 1
Self-Denial 2
Self-Denial 3
Selfishness Is Sin
Servants Of God
Set Your Hearts
Settle For No Less
Show And Tell
Sinful Timing
Skipping Church Is Foolish
Small Sacrifices
Small Things 2
Some Truth About Healing
Spinning Your Wheels?
Spiritual Discernment
Spiritually Unhealthy Believers
Stand Firm
Start Small Where You Are
Start Your Day With God
Starting Out With God
Starting The New Year
Subject To Harm
Submitted Unto Satan
Supreme Surrender 2
Surrender 2
Surrender To Your Owner
Surrender Your Words To The Lord
Symptoms Of The Saved
Taste And See That The Lord Is Good
That I Should Not Reign
That Which I Have Committed
The Battle For Your Time
The Battle Is The Lords 2
The Best Freedom
The Better Way To Suffer
The Bigger Your Problems Seem
The Duration Of Our Pity Parties
The Four Faithful Sayings
The Full Time Blessing Of God
The Fulness Of The Godhead
The God Of My Life
The Holy Spirit And Our Flesh
The Inner Man
The Law And Christians
The Lives We Build For Ourselves
The Longer You Have Been His
The Lord Deserves Your Best
The Lord Jesus Christ
The Lord Owns Me
The Lord Wants To Trust You
The Lord Wants Your Life
The Obedience Of Faith
The Only Safe Place
The Places Of Blessing
The Preeminence
The Rewarder
The Stranger
The TV Does Not Love You
The Unwilling Become Unable
The Very Presence Of God
The Way To Help Others
The Whole Duty Of Man
The Wisdom Of Mary
The Wisest People
The Wisest Things To Do
They Thought They Knew Better
This Is The Will Of God
Throwing Your Life Down A Rat Hole
Time And Judgment
Totally Dependent
Trifling With God
Trust God And Do What YOU Can
TV Can Drown Out Gods Voice
TV Is Destructive
Two Blank Checks
Two Commands And Five Promises
Two Debts
Unproven Love
Use What You Have
Wait Upon The Lord
Wasted Lives And Wasted Eternities
Wasted Power
Wasting God
Wasting Time
Water Baptism Is A Work
We Can Have All We Want
We Need An Internal Saviour
We Need To Be Givers
What Do You Think
What Have I Given Up For God
What Humility Does
What Keeps Me From Serving God
What Must I Do
What The Bible Is For 2
What To Do With Our Bodies
What To Witness About
Whatsoever Ye Do
When Does Life Begin?
Where Do You Fit?
Who Can We Trust
Who Do You Owe?
Who Is At The Controls?
Who Is Leading You
Who Is Running Your Life?
Who Is Smarter
Who Owns Your Life
Whose Are You?
Why Believers Lack Assurance 1
Why Believers Lack Assurance 3
Why We Are Still On Earth
Will Comes Before Skill
Willing Able And Fruitful
Willing To Lose Friends
Wisdom Defined
Wisdom Is The Principal Thing
Would You Rather Live A Real Life
Wrestlers Contenders Fighters And Servants
You Need A Biblical Church 1
You Need A Biblical Church 2
Your Relationship With Church