Articles dealing with Current Issues:

A Lesson From Jonadab
A Lifelong Battle
A Litmus Test For Men
A Matter Of Life Or Death 2
A Troubled Nation
Abortion 2
Abortion Is A Sin Against God
Abortion Is Wrong Because . . .
Abortion Is Wrong Because 2
Afraid Of The Wrong Death
Afterbirth Abortions
Alcohol And Crime
Always Wonderful
America Beware
America Needs The Bible
Arbiters Of Right And Wrong
Atheist Tests
Because Of Mine Enemies
Bible Guidance For Government
Bringing A Curse On Themselves
Calling Evil Good
Choose Life
Choose Life 2
Christians And Alcohol
Church And State 1
Church And State 2
Divine Dissatisfaction
Drugs And Alcohol
Encouraging News
Eternal Life Here And Now
Everlasting Love
Every Decision
Global Warming Won*t Destroy The Earth
God And Government
God Controls Climate
God Has A Plan
God Is Over Governments
God*s Name
God*s Provision Perfectly Matches Our Need
Government God*s Way
Gun Control
Here And Now Salvation
Holocaust Ignored
How To Be Unsatisfied
How To Love Our Enemies
Increase Your Prayers For America
Knowledge Puffeth Up
Life BEFORE Conception
Make Time For God
Men Will Not Destroy The Earth
Miracles For Here And Now
Nations And Citizens Need God
Not Good To Be Alone
Not Too Late
One Man*s Prayers
ONLY By The Mercies Of God
Patience Or Procrastination
Politicians In Trouble With God
Politics And The Christian
Pray For Israelites
Pray For The Courts
Pro Life
Reasonable Or Unreasonable
Reversed Polarity
Robin Hood Was A Robber
Sanctification Continues For Life
Sanctification In The New Testament
Saved From Some Things Today
Saved To Serve
Scriptures For Politicians
Some Truth About Healing
Suburbs Of Heaven
Tantrums Violence And Terrorism
The Cure For Racism
The Cure For Racism 2
The Las Vegas Tragedy
The Mother Of All Living
The ONLY Cure For Racism
The Rise And Fall Of Nations
The Stranger
The Truth Shall Make You Free
There Is A Higher Power
Treasure In Earthen Vessels
Turn Unto The Lord Every Day
TV Is Destructive
What To Witness About
When Does Life Begin?
Who Can Be Against Us
Why Abortion Is Wrong
Why Are Evil Things Happening To America
Withholding Truth
Witnessing To Gays