Articles dealing with Fruit-Bearing:

A Biblical Prayer List
A Blessing To Others
A Brand New *Want To*
A Burden For Souls
A Great Gulf Fixed
A Life Changing Life
A Purified Heart
A Puzzle
A Self Imposed Famine
A Simple Way To Live
A Tree Of Life
Abide In Christ
Able Ministers
Accepted And Approved
Accepted In The Beloved
After The Due Order
Agape Love
All Power
All That God Commanded Him
All Wrapped Up In Self
Alone With God
An Attitude Of Gratitude
An Enemy Within
An Every Moment Prayer
An Interesting Life
An Unforgettable Witness
Anger And Pride
Anger Blocks The Will Of God
Anger Or Gentleness
Anger Seldom Helps
Anything I Can Do
Approved By Truth
Are We Joined To The Lord
Are You Following Jesus
Are You Growing
Are You Worth Following
As We Have Opportunity
Ask For The Holy Spirit
Ask For The Holy Spirit 2
Avoid The Mines
Be A Christian BEFORE MEN
Be A Show And Tell Christian
Be Careful Who You Follow
Be Correctable For Life
Be Correctable For Life
Be Separate And Different
Because They Have No Changes 2
Because They Relied Upon The Lord
Bedrock Christian Activities
Being Quiet Is Often Best
Believers Are To Be Servants
Benefits Of Church Attendance 2
Benefits Of Church Attendance 7
Better Answers Than Our Prayers
Beware Of *Little* Sins
Beyond All Ordinary Rules
Blessed Are The Peacemakers
Bloom Where He Plants You
Causing Others To Sin
Causing Others To Sin
Channels Not Sources
Cheerful Holiness
Choose Life
Choose Your Friends Wisely
Choosing Bible Teachers
Christians Must Judge Correctly
Christians Should Be Team Players
Christians Who Isolate Themselves
Cleave Unto The Lord
Coffin Nails
Come To Jesus
Come To Jesus Just As You Are
Complete In Christ 2
Concern For The Souls Of Men
Confessing AND Forsaking Sin
Constant And Multiplied Love
Continue In Prayer
Correction And Instruction
Covering Our Carnality
Covering Our Sin
Dead Sea Christians
Denying Our Problem
Denying The Power Of God
Designed To Trust Him
Dive Deeper
Do We Study The Bible
Do You Study The Bible Enough
Does Anyone See Your New Life
Drugs And Alcohol
Dysfunctional Christians
Enjoying The Sins Of Others
Established Goings
Eternal Life Is Happening Now
Every Christian Has A Ministry
Every Moment Belongs To God
Every Thought
Every Thought Word And Work
Examine Your Anger
Expect Opposition
Faith Finds A Way
Faith In The Holy Spirit
Faith In The Holy Spirit 2
Faith Is The Victory
Fervency And Excitement
Fervent And Zealous
Forgetting God
Forgetting You Are Saved
Forgiveness And Changed Lives
Forgiveness For My Prayers
Forgiving Injustice
Four Daily Questions
Fourteen Thousand Ways To Serve
Freed By The Bible
Fret Not Thyself
Fret Not Thyself 2
Fruit Inspectors
Fruitful Or Barren
Fruitfulness Is GUARANTEED
Full Time Christians
Garbage In Garbage Out
Give A Little Get A Lot
Given Continually To TV
Glorify And Enjoy God
Go In HIS Strength
Go Shopping In The Bible
God Can Use YOU
God Can Use YOU Too
God Centeredness Is Practical
God Control
God Goes Before Us
God Has Purposes For Our Lives
God Has Trusted You
God Is Always Right With Me
God Is Not Mocked
God Is Omniscient
God Is Worthy
God Knows EXACTLY What We Need
God Living And Working In Us
God Wants To Work In You 2
God Will ALWAYS Help His Own
God Works In Us 2
Gods Gifts And Our Works
Gods Purposes For Creating You
Gods Purposes For The Bible 2
Good Addictions
Good Gifts And Good Things
Good Uses Of Your Free Time
Gospel Tracts
Grace Makes Us Lifelong Servants
Growing Old Gracefully
Guaranteed Failure
Guaranteed Success
Half Heartedness
Harming Ourselves
Hated Of All Nations
Have Salt In Yourselves
Help Lord
Hidden Hatred 2
His Workmanship 4
How MUCH Do We Love God
How Much Of Us Does God Have
How To Be Strong
How To Grow More
How To Handle Troubles
How To Love
How To Study The Bible
How To Succeed
Humble Little Servants
I Am A Loser But God And I Win
I Must Work The Works
I Will Strengthen Thee
Idle Words
If I Can Just Know
If I Do Not Love Them
If You Are Not Willing
If You Are Saved Tell Someone
In Everything Give Thanks
In Him We Live And Move 2
Influence But Not Preeminence
Into All The World
Is The Truth Working At Home
Is Your Life The Light Of Men
Jesus Prays For You
Jesus Will Never Leave You
Joy And Peace 2
Joy And Rejoicing
Joy From The Bible
Joyless Christians Are Weak Christians
Labourers Together With God 3
Lay Aside Every Weight And The Sin
Learn From A Donkey
Learn To Pray Like David
Led Astray By Our Feelings
Legitimate Fears For Believers
Love And Hate Have Different Plans
Love Fits
Love Gives
Love In Work Clothes
Love Is A Choice
Love Is Not Lazy
Love Is The Key
Love Is Unselfish
Love Is Willingly Inconvenienced
Love Passes Knowledge
Love Prays
Love Spends Time
Love Tells Us What We Lack
Love Them Better
Love Your Enemies
Loving The Bible
Make A List Of Your Sins
Make God A Habit
Make Yourself Useful
Mans Wrath Hinders Gods Righteousness
Many Adversaries 2
Many Counsellors
Many There Be
Mark Your Bible
Measuring Success
Meditate On The Bible
Mercies And Compassions
Moments Are Important
More Blessed To Serve
More Dependent Upon God
More Than Conquerors
Mortify Your Sins 2
Most Of Our Anger Is Sin
Most Of Our Anger Is Sin 2
Mountains And Molehills
My Life Verse
My Meditation Of Him
My Selfish Will
Mysteries And Miracles
Necessary Infirmities
Not A Spectator Sport
Not Of Works
Not Sure You Are Saved
Obedience And Growth
On The Job Training
One Way To Read The Bible
Only One Way To Love
Our Examples Will Multiply
Our Repeated And Continual Forgiveness
Our Sin Harms Others
Our Sin Hides God From Others
Our Sufficiency
Our Weakness
Outward Christianity
Part Time Christians
Passive Or Patient
Past Finding Out
Phony Repentance
Plan For A Harvest
Pleasing God 2
Porcupines Need Love
Pray For My Failures
Pray For Your Pastor
Pray For Your Pastor 2
Pray For Yourself
Pray Like David
Prayer Partners
Praying Saves Time
Preferring One Another
Profitable Alternatives To TV
Prosperity Is Risky
Prove Your Own Selves
Prove Your Own Selves 3
Pure Hearts
Pure Religion
Qualifications For Service
Quiet Please
Real Salvation 1
Reigning In Life
Remember Your Weakness
Resisting And Quenching Blessing
Rivers Of Living Water
Running The Place
Salvation Is Not A Reward
Satan Wants Us To Hate
Saved From TV
Saved Now Not Just Later
Secrets Of Fruitful Christians
Seek Ye First
Self Control
Serving God Is A Mark Of Believers
Show And Tell
Sin Makes Us Stupid
Sin Saps Energy
Sinners Harm Themselves
Small Sacrifices
Solitary Christians
Some Truth About Healing
Sowers Are Not Perfect
Speak Up For The Lord
Spiritual Boomerangs
Spiritual Cripples
Spiritual Growing Pains
Step By Step Help Needed
Stingy With The Bible
Subject To Harm
Surrender Your Words To The Lord
Symptoms Of The Lost
Symptoms Of The Saved
Take Charge Of Your Life
Teach Me To Do Thy Will
Testimonies I Have Enjoyed
The Ability To Fail
The Author Of Confusion
The Battle For Your Time
The Battle Is The Lords
The Battle Is The Lords 2
The Battles Belong To God
The Best Christians
The Bible A Vital Resource
The Bible And Preaching
The Bible Has The Answer
The Bible Is Powerful
The Bible Often Every Day
The Costs Of Watching TV
The Dimension Of Eternity
The End Of My Old Self
The Fountain Of Living Waters
The Fountain Of Youth
The Four Faithful Sayings
The Gardens Of Jesus
The Gift Of Righteousness
The Greatest Free Stuff
The Greatness Of The Promiser
The Head Rules The Body
The Inner Man
The Joy Of The Lord
The Joy Of The Lord 2
The Knowledge Of God
The Law And Christians
The Law And Christians 2
The Life I Now Live
The Love Of Their Lives
The Me First World
The Most Important Work
The Most Joyful People
The New Commandment
The Only Message Some Will Hear
The Only People Who Can Love You
The Only Source Of Love
The Plague Of Your Heart
The Purpose Of The Law
The Right Kind Of Exercise
The Spirit Beareth Witness 2
The Spirit Beareth Witness 3
The TV Does Not Love You
The Unwilling Become Unable
The Upside Right Life
The Wages Of Obedience
The Way Everlasting
The Way To Help Others
The Woman At The Well
The Work Of The Holy Spirit
Thin-Skinned To God
Thorns In The Flesh
Thorns In The Flesh 3
Through A Glass Darkly
Throwing Your Life Down A Rat Hole
To Die Is Gain
To Fight Or Not To Fight
Train Wrecks And Damage Repair
Treasures And Riches
Trials Teach Us
Trifling With God
True Salvation Includes Repentance
Trusting In Good
TV Can Take Control Your Mind
Two Paths Of Life
Under The Influence
Unexpected Help In Witnessing
Unfaithful In A Very Little
Unwillingness To Share Our Faith
Useless Pastimes
Vibrant Christian Homes
Victory Through Surrender
Walking With God
Want To Reign In Life
Wasted Lives And Lost Souls
Wasted Lives And Wasted Eternities
Wasted Power
Wasted Power AND Comfort
Wasted Wisdom
We Are Spiritual Weaklings
What Comes Naturally
What Do You Pray For Yourself?
What Is Success?
What We Do With Our Riches
Whatsoever Ye Do
When Are We Filled With The Spirit
When I Fail To Love
When People Get Our Attention
When You Are Weak Then You Are Strong
Where God Takes Over
Who Do We Make Time For
Who Do You Hang Out With?
Who Prays Best
Whosoever Liveth And Believeth
Why Believers Lack Assurance 3
Why People Do Not Pray
Why You Are Here
Willing Able And Fruitful
Wisdom From A Little Boy
Without The Bible
Wonderful Necessary Truth
Ye Are The Light Of The World
Ye Can Do Nothing
Ye Can Do Nothing 2
You Are Always On Stage
You Need A Biblical Church 1
You NEED The Bible 7
Your Closest Relative
Your Words And Mine