Articles dealing with Submission:

A One Track Mind
A One-God Man
A Penny Or . . .
Accountable And Responsible
Always Ask The Lord First
Always Wonderful
An Unpublicized Miracle
Are You Like Diotrephes
Bare Minimum Christians 2
Biting Off More Than We Can Chew
By The Will Of God
Captains Of Their Own Ships
Causing Others To Sin
Choose You This Day
Christ Is Our Head
Christian Responsibilities
Constrained By Love
Created To Please God
Distasteful Truths About Christianity
Do You Want To Be In Charge
Doing God*s Will Is Exciting
Doing What You Want To Do
Even Jesus Was Submissive
Faith Is Surrender
Faith Produces Commitment
Faith Produces Obedience And Joy
FIRST Check With The Lord
Four Reasons Christians Belong To God
Four Things I Have Learned
Get Carried Away
Giving Yourself To The Lord
God Always Gives More
God Centeredness Is Practical
God Is In The Details
God Knows The Future
God Wants To Work IN YOU
God*s Advisors?
God*s Freedom Of Speech
God*s Will Is Best
Having Our Own Way
His Kingdom Ruleth Over All
How Much Of You Does God Own
How To Bless The Lord
Humility Before God
I Will Be Their God
If You Are Strong
Jesus Has Rights
Joy And Obedience
Knowing God*s Will 1
Knowing God*s Will 1
Knowing Gods Will 3
Learning The Hard Way
Leaving God In The Parking Lot
Lines In The Sand
Made For God
Male And Female Created He Them
Marriage Ought To Picture Christianity
Might As Well Surrender
Not So Lord
Others Serving Us
Pleasing God
Pray For Guidance Often
Receiving Jesus Is A Surrender
Reigning In Life 2
Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God
Self-Denial 2
Self-Denial 3
Servanthood Of Believers
Sinful Timing
Spinning Your Wheels?
Starting The New Year
Submit Yourselves Unto Love
Supreme Surrender 1
Surrender Is The Key
Surrender To Your Owner
Taste And See That The Lord Is Good
The Best Set Of Problems
The Last Word
The Lives We Build For Ourselves
The Longer You Have Been His
The Victims Of The Enemy
The Way To Be Satisfied
The Work Of YOUR Hands
Thin-Skinned To God
Throwing Your Life Down A Rat Hole
Time And Judgment
Treating God Like A Powerless Idol
Trifling With God
Unbelievers Hate God
We Are Always Able
We Can Have All We Want
What Submit Does Not Mean
When Does Life Begin?
When I Am Weak
Who Arranges Your Life
Who Is At The Controls?
Who Is Smarter
Who Knows Best
Who*s Driving?
Whose Are You?
Will Worship
Women In Ministry
Your Nearest Enemy
Your Problems Are Gods Problems
Your Relationship With Church