Articles dealing with The New Birth:

A Change Of Heart
A Heart Full Of Jesus
Beauty For Ashes
Believers Described
Born Again 1
Born Again 2
Born Of The Will Of God 2
Choose Life
Choose Life 2
Christ the Heart of The Bible
Christians Became More Enjoyable
Circumcision Made Without Hands
Come To Him As You Are
Created To Please God
Desirable Changes
Faith In The Holy Spirit 2
Faith Is A Mysterious Miracle
Fatherhood Of God
Five Struggles Of Man
For Or Against
Forgiveness And Changed Lives
God Alone Makes Christians
God In OUR Lives Too
Gods Will For Your Life
Good Defined
He Cannot See
He Saved Us By . . .
His Workmanship 2
I Never Knew You Depart From Me
In The Spirit
Jesus Changes Lives
Jesus Changes Lives 2
Jesus Is A Life Changer
Learn From Your Changes
Life Is From God
Living Among Corpses
Living Water 2
My God And Your God
Naturally Ignorant
New Creatures
New Creatures New Lives
Newness Of Life
Real Salvation 2
Receiving Jesus Is Receiving New Life
Recycled By God
Rejecting Correcting
Repent Or Perish
Reversed Polarity
Salvation Is Of The Lord 2
Saved And Lost Contrasted
Saved From My Own Way
Spurgeon On The New Birth
Testimonies Of New Christians
The Bible And Your Life
The Bible Is Alive
The End Of Yourself
The Facts About Sin
The Goodness Of God
The Gospel For The Hard Of Hearing
The Great Imperative
The Hearts Of Men
The Highest Education
The Jesus Of The Bible
The Life Which I Now Live
The Means Of Regeneration
The People Changing God
The Results Of Regeneration
Two Kinds Of Death
Two Kinds Of People
Two Natures 2
Two Things Dead Folks Can Do
Understanding God And The Bible
Water Baptism 1
We Are All Preachers
We Are God*s Workmanship
We Are S-o-o-o Dumb
We Cannot Change Ourselves
What A Difference!
What Does God Change In A New Creature?
What Hit Me?
When You Like What God Says
Who Do You Resemble
Who Has Power To Make Christians?
Who Is Running Your Life?
Whose Are You?
Will You Be Made Whole
Ye Must Be Born Again
Ye Must Be Born Again